This is the personal website of David Coufal.

I'm a software developer/consultant working in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area of Colorado. I develop software for Rosetta Stone.

My areas of interest include mobile development, iOS, C++, Objective-C, SQL, and cross-platform development and porting.

Portions of my Ph.D. thesis are available online.

I've written software for personal use and/or fun that I distribute at Periodic Software.

I've written a few iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) Apps:

Dabble for the iPad is an easy to use sketching and drawing utility. Available now at the App Store.
Locate Me Keyboard for the iPhone and iPad is a keyboard extension that allows quick and easy access to your location via Google Maps, Apple Maps and even a map image. Available now at the App Store.
Just Big Text for the iPhone and iPad allows you to create huge text screens on your iPhone or iPad to communicate with others. Available now at the App Store.

I enjoy traveling, and photographs from recent trips are available at my photo collection on Flickr.

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